Removal of admin rights key to a more secure enterprise

Now in its second year, the Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report analyses data from Patch Tuesday Security Bulletins issued by Microsoft throughout 2014.

Compiled by Avecto, the report takes an in-depth look at vulnerabilities affecting the Microsoft product portfolio, from Internet Explorer and Office through to Windows Server, and how the removal of admin rights can mitigate the risk associated with these vulnerabilities.

Reasons to download the report:

  1. Control the critical. 97% of all Critical vulnerabilities documented in the report can be mitigated by removing admin rights vs 92% in 2013

  2. Power of Admin Rights. 80% of all Microsoft Vulnerabilities reported by us in 2014 could be mitigated by removing admin rights vs 60% in 2013

  3. Closing the door to IE threats. 99.5% of vulnerabilities affecting Internet Explorer could be mitigated by removing admin rights

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