Can you withstand 2014’s targeted malware attacks?

Microsoft's April 8th withdrawal of Windows XP support indicates that the OS is no longer up to defending against today's threats, yet many organizations have replicated the insecure features of XP in Windows 7/8.

In his latest live webinar, ethical hacker and Microsoft MVP Sami Laiho demonstrates 5 ways admin rights can easily be abused to breach your desktop estate and datacentre environment, concluding with his insider tips for closing this window of vulnerability.

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Sami Laiho
Microsoft MVP

For 16 years, Sami Laiho’s passion has been teaching hardcore OS troubleshooting. His unique style sees him demonstrating how the latest, often-overlooked vulnerabilities in Windows can be exploited to breach organizational data and systems.

Having spoken globally, Sami was proud to be voted ‘Best Speaker’ at TechEd 2013.

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Reasons To View This On Demand Webinar:

  • Witness Sami hack the Windows 7 and 8 OS, revealing how today's targeted malware attacks abuse admin rights to gain a foothold in your organization.
  • Watch Sami demonstrate how any rogue admin user could gain access to your entire estate and deactivate security controls.
  • Understand how you can achieve ultimate security by removing admin rights from your Windows 7/8 environment, without impacting user productivity.

Hear from a Hacker:
5 Reasons to Keep Admin Rights
off Your Windows 7/8 PCs

Sami Laiho, Microsoft MVP