Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report 2015

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As volume of threats rises, a layered approach is key

For the third consecutive year, Avecto has analyzed the findings of the known vulnerabilities published by Microsoft. The report compares the annual trends and reveals a 52% uplift in the number of reported vulnerabilities.

The 2015 report takes an in-depth look at the vulnerabilities affecting Internet Explorer, Windows, Office, Windows Server and more - highlighting the clear case for admin rights removal in the enterprise as part of a proactive approach to endpoint security.

Reasons to download the report:

  1. Control the critical. 85% of all Critical vulnerabilities documented in the report can be mitigated by removing admin rights

  2. Closing the door to IE threats. 99.5% of all vulnerabilities reported in Internet Explorer in 2015 could be mitigated by removing admin rights

  3. Overcome Office flaws. 82% of all vulnerabilities affecting Microsoft Office in 2015 could be mitigated by removing admin rights

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Download the report

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Sharing the motivations of a hacker, Microsoft MVP and ethical hacker Sami Laiho exposes how and why admin rights are so often sought by attackers and insiders as the way in to stealing IP and data.

He also offers his own perspective on the 2015 Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report and offer advice to proactively stay one step ahead.

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